How do I set a default style for numbered list in writer

I make extensive use of lists in my work with Writer. I know how to format and manipulate lists to get what I want. What I don’t know is how to make a particular format the default for a full document.

Here’s what I want: 1. a. i. etc.

Here’s the default: 1. 1. 1. etc.

On a new doc, I go through the process of reconfiguring the list to get what I want. Then, when I want another list and when I add it, I’m back at the default.

I’ve tried…

  • making a template. Doesn’t make a difference at all with bullets/numbering.
  • the Format Painter, no difference (Format Painter rarely seems to work under any conditions).
  • I’ve read all the previous posts on this, seen comments that I need to use styles, which I am familiar with, but
    not in context of a list.
  • I’ve also been through the documentation, and though there’s plenty on formatting lists, I can find nothing on how to create one document-wide.

What am I missing? Can someone point me to examples of a successful odt/ott that has modified lists so I can deconstruct?
Thanks for any help,

Windows 10, up to date

Have you seen question 282660?

Creating a template is a good idea, but only when formatting is based on styles. The question referred to by Earnest AI has a very good answer to start with.

Thanks for the replies. I’m going over the answer Earnest AI gave. Haven’t figured it out yet, but will report back when I do.

If your lists start at 8, you may have inadvertently set this parameter in the list style. Edit your question to attach a sample file with the paperclip tool.

Hi, late getting back, apologies.

I’ve gone over the answer suggested by Earnest AI, and I still cannot set up any type of default list. I did manage to create one list style sort of to my liking, but it insisted on starting at #8 rather than #1, would not let me re-start numbering, and in any case the new style vanished the minute I closed LO.

Is there any other suggestion on how to set up a list default for LO Writer? I recreate the list I want (which is a fairly standard style, namely 1,a,i, etc) probably a dozen times a week and always have to start from scratch, even in the same document.

Any thoughts are much appreciated. This should be a no-brainer; styles for virtually everything else work fine. But not lists.

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You have to do that in your default template. If there is none, create one. See also this FAQ section.

Display the Styles panel (F11), display the Styles tab, click the List Styles button.

Right click the Numbering 123for example and Modify.

In the Outline tab, select the one the closest as you want (the 3rd one in first line).

Go to the Customize tab and for each Level (at left), tweak the Separator fields (Before and After) as you like.

Then confirm and you’re done.

You can apply that list either by double-clicking it after selecting the paragraphs that should be listed (use the Tab key to change the level or the buttons of the Bullets & Numbering toolbar), or setting this style in the Outline & Numbering tab of the paragraph properties (be it a style or a direct formatting).

Note that the restart numbering is a direct formatting anyway. It can be applied with right click, Bullets & Numbering > Restart Numbering, or with the icon in the Bullets & Numbering toolbar.

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