How do I shift the page number to the bottom of the page inside the footer?


this is my first post. I need to shift the page number inside the footer 1cm from the bottom of the page. Right now is 2cm according to the bottom margin of the page. I tried to press Enter inside the footer but it didn’t work. I know Writer uses styles but I was unable to shift the page number field down the footer 1cm for the bottom of the page.

image description
image description

is it possible? Many thanks!

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You’re welcome.

You already give yourself the answer, set the lower margin to 1 cm.


Insert a text frame (Insert → Frame Frame interactive or Frame ...).

Anchor it to the footer and position it where it should go.


Thank you so much for your reply but it doesn’t solve my issue as I need to maintain 2cm from the bottom edge. The page number should be inside the 2cm but 1cm from the lower edge of the page. I hope I made it clear. Thanks!

The Writer-fashion way of doing this is with styles. In Writer, margins are no-print area and should remain so.

There are two points to address:

  • page geometry
  • alignment of footer

##Page geometry

From your specification your bottom margin is in fact 1 cm high and you want your footer to be 1 cm high whatever is in the footer area.

Format>Page Style to access the page parameters (or select the **page style(s) you are using)

  • in Page tab, set your bottom margin to 1cm
  • in Footer tab, uncheck both Use dynamic spacing and AutoFit height; set Height to 1cm

This takes care of your geometry.

##Footer alignment

Footer is formatted with Footer paragraph style (what a surprise!). Modify this style properties.

  • F11 or Format Manage Styles to make visible the side style pane if not already there
  • right-click on Footer and Modify
  • in Indents & Spacing tab, set Spacing Above paragraph: to 0.5 cm (this value must be adjusted according to the font face and size used for the footer)

This solution may seem more tedious than the one proposed by @PKG but it guarantees that any field insertion will show what you expect. When using frames, fields may show anomalies due to the order in which frames are scanned relative to the main text flow (the page content). Note however frames are safe with page number but this is no longer the case if you want to repeat chapter name or other content related information.

As a general rule, avoid frames when they are not necessary. They have an impact on performance, stability, reliability and compatibility (should you want to export as .doc(x)).

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Thank you, that helped!