How do I test cell for a whole integer (non fractional) and return the value if it is and a blank if not?

Have a Series of cells with a formula. I would like to hide and/or return a blank on any cell that less than or more than a whole number. (example .5, 1.25, etc. would not be shown, but 2, 4, etc. would be.

Ps It’s been 10yrs since attempting to program. I hope this helps, Thank You

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Hopefully the Original Questioner is aware of the fact that trusting in computers with this kind of questions comes with risks.

It heavily depends on the kind of “a formula” if its result will be exact enough to allow for distinguishing between integer and non-integer results reliably as needed.

See this attached example.

Assuming your numbers are in column A, you can put this in B1 and fill down the B colum: =IF(MOD(A1,1)=0,A1,"")

Spot on, Thank You.

Glad it worked for you.

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