How do you break an anchor in Calc and reanchor to the correct Cell

Incorrect Anchor Position
All those red arrows point to an incorrect Anchor to the previous Cell for some reason. I tried Anchoring to page and cutting and pasting the image into some other cell all to no avail: when I paste to the correct Cell, the Anchor position does not change.

How do I set the correct Anchor position for the image? [it looks okay but when I fit to Cell Size, the image jumps into the wrong Cell

How about pressing the down arrow (or alt + down arrow for a small move) until the anchor icon jumps to the desired cell?

thanks - that did the trick - any explanation link (i’ll google anchors)

I don’t remember where I found out about this trick. But a google search has now brought me in - all of a sudden! - here

Oh, it was in old Help: Alt+Up/Down/Left/Right Arrow - Moves the selected Drawing Object one pixel (in Selection Mode)

summarizing from the comments: select misbehaving image with its anchor in some other cell and click downArrow, the anchor will hop downwards into the correct cell. Then Fit the Image to Cell - yay!
(thank you everyone)

Assuming the correct anchor is the cell in whose area the top-left coner of the shape has its position:
You can use a variant of the code I posted in my answer to one of your other questions,
See attached example.

BTW: What version are you using? Did you once save to an alien “file format”?
My LibreOffice Calc keeps anchoring of shapes an position properties consistent.
If a shape is anchored To Cell I cannot even by user code force the anchor to be elswhere but in the cell where the top-left corner of the shape is. (The shape moves with the anchor then.) And also the HoriOrientPosition and the VertOrientPosition are automatically limited by the width of the column of the anchor cell (-0.02 mm) and by the row height respectively. on Debian