How do you make asian languages visible in libreoffice?

I want Chinese and Korean characters to display in LibreOffice. I am using Ubuntu 12 and LibreOffice version 1:3.5.4-0ubuntu1.1.

I have toggled some of the language options but they don’t seem to work the way I want. Perhaps I’m doing this incorrectly.

Some Chinese characters show up but the others are just in box format.

How can I get Asian characters, Korean and Chinese, to display correctly?

Do I have to install add-ons?


Jean Babtiste : Thanks for replying, I have enabled language support for Asian Languages. I have set Chinese SImplfied as my default language and still it comes up in boxes

uzumaki I can write CHinese and Korean Characters everywhere else in Ubuntu. I use iBus keyboard input. 你好 but they just won’t show in LibreOffice. Copy Paste also shows up in boxes. Thanks

I‘m very embarrassed but I realized why I was getting boxes!

I was typing them in a font that doesn’t recognize Chinese characters. DUH

Thanks to uzumaki and J-B anyways.

Do you have Chinese and Korean language support installed on you Ubuntu 12.04? If you have the support installed, then LibreOffice will show the Chinese and Korean language automatically in normal condition.


If you want to write, you need to enable “Enhanced language support” in menu Tools > Options > Language settings > Languages