How I can get decorative border in libreoffice-writer like ms-office word?

Hi everyone, How I can get border for page in LibreOffice writer like ms-office, I get border but only line, I want to have decorative border like ms-office word.

like ms-office word

Upload 2-3 examples as screenshots here.
Unfortunately I don’t have MS-Office and therefore don’t know what you mean exactly.
Thank you.

that screenshot from wps-office word

Thanks for your example.

This function does not exist in Writer.
Put them frames on the outer edges and fill them with a pattern or image.


77481 borders.odt (46,9 KB)


Referring to @Hrbrgr’s proposal I can offer you 3 different solutions for frame borders in Writer.
Check the page styles, check the paragraph styles.
My methods only can substitute the proceeding which MS Word can do. But if you are a little bit skilled and experienced you may feel no more deficits in comparison to Word… :wink:

See attached file. More info and description to be found inside…
BordersInWriteFiles.odt (193.6 KB)

Be aware that there are some problems in checking of used bitmaps in page background/area. If you find some we could discuss them… :wink: