how open files application/ ? (*.xls)

How can open files type: Spreadsheet (application/
The fille ends to *.xls

you can download files from this link: download files

can any one help me?

Regarding your answer: If you are talking about an .xls file, I need to assume that it really is an .xls file, especially if you don’t provide any technical information. According to your screenshot, I need to assume that your file is not an .xls (or it is an corrupted .xls) file, otherwise LibreOffice could open it. Since you seem to be on some Linux system open a terminal and execute:

file <filename_supposed_to_be_an_excel_file>

and please provide what you get (much faster would be to upload your file using clip symbol when **edit**ing your question).
Before you can do so, rename the file to <filename_supposed_to_be_an_excel_file>.ods, since this site only allows specific extension to be uploaded.


Not really .xls files, but Tab separated files. You can Open with LibreOffice Calc.

In the Text Import dialog select:

· Character set: Greek (ISO-8859-7)

· Separated by and Tab

Note that there are subtle differences between ISO-8859-7 and Windows-1253, see Windows-1253 - Wikipedia

i think and the 2 solutions work for me …
ISO-8859-7 and Windows-1253
how choose the correct answer between for this topic?


File -> Open in LibreOffice and select your Excel (.xls) file.

If you in fact want to know ***How do I associate a file extension to an application, so a double click on the file name opens the proper application?*** you should mention your operating system, since the procedure needs to be performed on an operating system level.

Update See file SupposedToBeExcel-Modified.ods

Please look what ia take when follow : File → Open in LibreOffice and select your Excel (.xls) file.
screenshot image

one from filles is :C:\fakepath\ab‰€’_„04.01 ”“‘ˆ‰Žˆ (‡„‘† 104)_‚„Œ (‹„ „‹.)_ (copy).ods

you can download from here download

This doesn’t answer your question.

Yes i can’t see the tables in excel …
here is the link find the download filles
Αξιολογικοί Πίνακες Κατάταξης

My knowledge of the Greek language is zero - so the link is worthless for me.

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is now ok my question?
i am sorry !!!

The blurry screenshot appears as if a Unicode (UTF-8) text encoding is chosen in the Text Import dialog that doesn’t match the actual file text encoding. Choose a matching encoding instead, maybe UTF-16 if the file was saved on Windows or one of the old 8-bit character pages that contains Greek characters, e.g. Windows-1253. Furthermore it reveals that the .xls file is not a spreadsheet file but a text file disguising as Excel file by having the file name extension .xls, hence this Text Import dialog. Which is a common misnaming to force Excel to open a file regardless of content.


user@host:> file SupposedToBeExcel.xls  
SupposedToBeExcel.xls: Non-ISO extended-ASCII text, with CRLF line terminators

-> It is not an Excel file. Use Character set: `Greek (Windows-1253)` -> See **Update** to my answer, where you find the imported file in `.ods`