How to align numerous checkboxes in Calc.

checkbox example 1.ods

My spreadsheet (just my home accounts) uses dozens of checkboxes. If a bill is paid (tick the box) then take the amount from the amount still to be paid out and show corrected balances. Easy.

But, if I resize the sheet for any reason the alignment of the checkbox to the cell it’s linked to sometimes goes off. It just leaves an untidy sheet with boxes drifting away. How can I force a checkbox to fill the cell that it is linked to? Is there a way to do it for lots of boxes in one formula?


I think could be easy using Menu/Data/Validity and formatting the cell, two click for select instead one.


Maybe I’m being thick here? If I enable design mode to be able to place the checkbox then select it, validity is greyed out.

I see your example, please see mine. Col E has the checkboxes and cols F & G would be hidden.

Please share again your sample, I can’t see it.

Can’t attach my example or upvote yet, dayam. Haven’t got 3 points.
It’s in this directory.

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Thanks for the votes. I’ve now added my example to my original post.

I’m in the UK so have been asleep and at work since my last post.

In your sample the checkbox control it’s ‘anchored To Page’, I think to get it working fine when you resize or insert/delete rows/columns, you need to have it ‘anchored To Cell’, with the whole box positioned inside the cell.

Thanks for looking. In my example I thought I had done that, I had, slowly, one at a time, for each cell in my working sheet. But they still drifted off, hence hoping I could set them in place programmatically.

Never mind, it was just ‘icing on the cake’.