How to annotate and save slides during presentation

I am following a MITx course (e.g. here) where the instructor is able to annotate the slides during the presentation.

I am aware of the “mouse pointer as a pen” feature in impress but I wander if:

  • is it possible to change colour with some keybinding (i.e., without having to go every time to the colour menu?). The ideal would be to show the binding in the new presenter console mode ? It would also be nice if the pointer is just a dot of the current colour rather than the pen icon.
  • would it be possible to SAVE the annotations with the slides at the end of the presentation ?

If not, is there a harware+software product that can come in hands on top of libreoffice (or, eventually, of a standard PDF made from LibreOffice?)


is it possible to change colour with
some keybinding?

You can use an interaction to run a macro (e.g. click a shape), so May be this way?..

would it be possible to SAVE the

According to my tests in windows version the drawings made with the tool are kept at the end of presentation if Slide ShowSlide Show SettingsMouse pointer as pen was enabled before launching the slideshow.

Then, It is of course possible to disable the option via the context menu.


Sorry, I do not have time to make an elaborate response. As Mike recalled the macro recorder is not available with Impress. Attached PenColor.odp is an example. A “run macro” interaction is defined for each of the pens drawn on slide 2

HTH - Regards

Great for the saving… I would have never thought to that! About binding a macro to a certain object, could you elaborate a bit more? I’m not in the LO API and I don’t have “Record macro” any-more, even if I have “Enable macro recording (limited)” in the settings (so, according to this page, I should have it)…

According to that page: The macro recorder works only in Calc and Writer.

That’s great thank you, very flexible solution, I’ll now be able to handle it with different colours or bindings…

ou… I spoke too early… when you start to write a few (~10 or so) notes with the “Mouse pointer as a pen” enabled, as to save the notes, then it takes ~30-40 seconds to close the presentation (on a i7)… I am very worry what it could become with hundreds of notes during a 2 hour lesson !
EDITED: Also, if you then start the presentation again, then the annotations got displayed on the wrong slides :frowning: I guess there are some issues on saving the ann, and this is why there isn’t a “Save” option ye

Hi @AntonelloLobianco, sorry about that. This is another problem indeed: the drawings generate a large number of lines. You can check it with the NavigatorShow ShapesAll shapes. You could select (by slide) all these shapes, group them and then convert eg. in bitmap. I do not know if it is a workaround acceptable given all the manipulations …


Thanks for your reply(es)Pierre-Yves… I did open a bug report ( As you highlighted, the problem is that in the presentation mode the toll just save tons of points instead of using the algorithm of the hand-writing tool used in editing mode (that in turn uses Bézier curves). An attachment compares the two curves. I hope a dev can just apply the editing-mode tool on present.