How to batch download .torrent files?

I have a almost permanently running server and additional disc space and would like to provide LibreOffice torrents. I noticed that

(and similar download locations for other OS and architectures) don’t contain the .torrent files for download, but provides working download links for these locations, e.g.

What’s the reason for that? How can I batch download all torrents for a specific LibreOffice release?

Requested as issue at

I created a Python script which automatically discovers and downloads torrent downloads in subdirectories of Not all options are configurable yet, feel free to suggest such options and report any errornous or unintuitive behaviour at

Here is a script for windows torrents, using transmission in the final part. You just have to insert the version number.
If you want to download linux torrents you’ll need to change where needed.

Hi krichter,

if you have spare server resources, why not becoming a TDF mirror? See Mirroring LibreOffice - The Document Foundation Wiki We do push then automatically the new builds to your server!

(through this does not answer your question!)


Dennis Roczek

When I still had my Dedicated Server, I was supporting the BitTorrent transfers for Window$ releases. I noticed that each time a new release got out (at least for Window$), the previous one was no longer supported on TDF’s end, which automatically means there likely ain’t a single tracker left, which makes seeding a lot harder.

That’s more a comment than an answer.