how to calculate age from birth day in libreoffice calc?

I want to calculate age like Years, Months and Days between Date_Of_Birth and Todays Date. Its work fine in EXCEL =DATEDIF() function, But Libreoffice Calc i could not calculate. Please can anybody help me in these regard…

I use UBUNTU 12.04 LTS
LibreOffice 3.5

I propose an other solution : =INT(MONTHS(F14;TODAY();0)/12), that is the difference in months divided by 12, with 0 in third position to have a day to day difference.

See bottom of Answer for completed Spreadsheet file.


where interval is in quotes and is specific letters. I tested this in Windows Portable Apps v 3.6.5

Update: DATEDIF was added with 3.6

image description

Update 2: my first recommendation is to update to v 3.6 or newer. It is a very streamlined and versatile function.

I’ve attempted some work arounds but it’s not so easy for me. I think there are experts out there that may be able to develop a better set of formulae for this purpose.

I’ve used the YEAR and MONTHS Functions, but this is the easy part. (They both function in Win7 PortApps 3.5)

=YEAR(Start Date,End Date,Type)

Type =0 Time Interval or =1 for calendar years (I used 0 for calculating years since birthdate)

=MONTHS(Start Date,End Date,Type)-YEAR(Start Date,End Date,Type)*12

Type can =0 or =1 and the YEAR portion of the formula can reference the cell for the YEAR calculation above

Unfortunately, calculating the numbers of days from the last birthday is a little more challenging (HELP!) but we’re 2/3 of the way there. The story will continue…


I think I’ve got it. I’ve attached the file as the formula is a little convoluted. Hopefully it works for all date possibilities.

Year Counter.ods

Thanks for your Valuable cooporation…