How to cancel a page ?

I have an empty page i am not able to cancel

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pages are created on demand in writer based on content of your document. Having said this - your document contains content requiring the page you assume to be empty - but it isn’t. To get rid if the “empty” page you need to clean up (remove content) your document from content forcing the dynamic creation of the “empty” page. To get a better view of what might be causing the “empty” page, you should tick View -> [x] Formatting Marks. May be you’ll see a lot of pilcrow characters indicating empty paragraphs. May be you incidentally created a manual page break - delete the page break by positioning the cursor on the first line of your “empty” page and type a BACKSPACE key.

Hope that helps.

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And there’s a case that often creates trouble when people only want a table in a document: there is always a paragraph (even if empty) after the last table in a document, which can’t be deleted.

Two other cases:

  • a page break requesting the new page to be odd (may cause the creation of a “dummy” blank page – can be removed only by canceling the request)
  • a frame (picture, formula, text, …) anchored to a page past the end of content (it was once in the middle of content but editing erased text, shrinking the demand on pages but the frame remained anchored where it was – intervening pages do not exist physically, thus can’t be removed other than removing the frame)