How to change Calc cell selector colour on 7.3 on macOS?

Since the 7.3 update, the colour of the selected cell highlight is now light blue which is extremely difficult to see. How can I change this?

I understand that this change seems to track with the LO version. As it turns out, I get light blue for 6.2 on Windows, and green for 6.2 through 7.2 on Mint. Have you tried seeing if changing your operating system color theme (even temporarily) changes the color? Also, does your monitor have an electronic view angle adjustment? Samsungs, for example, may have a “magic angle” adjustment that will help save faded colors without really changing the colors per se.

Should be the system highlight colour, or a medium blue if such is not defined, same colour as is used for the column/row header controls if selected, for which it is a bit darkened though.

In macOS Monterey 12.2.1, I’ve found these settings under System Preferences > General: Accent Colour and Highlight colour.

The default setting seems to be the best possible choice, though, as changing it causes the cell borders to become even less visible. (This was no problem in LO 7.2.)

You may want to file an enhancement bug in the bug tracker to get the shading of colour (probably make it a little darker like in the header controls) of the active cell cursor addressed.

Update 2022-02-17T18:56+01:00:
Sorry if I created extra work, but there’s already a bug tracking that tdf#145080 which I didn’t find on first glance.

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