How to change document sorting

When I click “open file”, my document are all sorted in the “most recent” way, which is useless for me. But I cannot find any way to change that to sorting in alphabetical order with folders first and documents second, both aphabetically sorted. There are no buttons or checkboxes and rightclicking only offers to show folder size additionally.

I use LibreOffice on Linuxmint 18 and this strange change happened only about a few weeks back. But it’s extremely annoying, so I’d really like some help, please.



This is a function of your file or window manager. In the Open dialog you should have columns, and clicking on the Name column will sort by name. Clicking again will reverse the sort order. Placing folders first might be a file manager setting somewhere.

Thanks, that seemed to have done.
Feeling a bit stupid now, but heck, learn something new any day.

YW. Sometimes it’s not so obvious. Like getting folders to sort before files. If this has helped please mark it as Answer (the check mark), so others can find it.