How to change language in whole document?


I use localized version of latest Libreoffice (Polish), but I’m working on English document. So far I easily switched to English spell checking. However I cannot force Libreoffice to use English across whole document. For example, when I add caption to table I get:

Tabela 1: Table description


Table 1: Table description

It always use Polish translation for captions of table, image, etc.

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For me the bottom answer by @webwurst was the most clear and correct answer. I created an account just to be able to upvote, but sadly this is not possible with <5 reputation. I am on LO Writer v6.0.7.3

Try to change “local Settings” and/or “Userinterface” to english. You find it in Tools->Options, Language Settings->Languages.

You can change the language of the current document via Tools / Options / Language Settings / Default languages for documents. Choose your desired language and check For the current document only.

This is the correct answer!

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It works, thanks.

I found this that was helpful to me:

Are you using the multi-language version?
I assume that this could help you. I install always the English-US version (=multi-language version) and select the 4 languages I am using and never had the problem you mentioned.

When you install the multi-language version for the first time, I recommend a customized solution. This allows you to select the language you want to use. When you upgrade, the selection is done the same way automatically.

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