How to check for duplicates?

How to check for duplicates in a column in .xlsx file?

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Various different answers because what constitutes a duplicate can vary according to example.

Can you close the question as “duplicate” or “unclear”?

If you only would like to check for duplicates in a column, I suggest to do the following:

  1. Mark a whole column (like clicking on column A if duplicates are in this column).
  2. Right click and Copy.
  3. File | New Spreadsheet.
  4. Click in cell A1 in new spreadsheet and right click then Paste.
  5. Click on header of column A1 to select whole column.
  6. Data | Sort and apply default.
  7. In Cell B2 type in formula: =IF(A1=A2;"DUPLICATE";"")

    image description
  8. Copy down the formula in B column. If there is a duplicate there will be written DUPLICATE.

    If you would like to remove a duplicates then see the following tutorial: