How to complete fields with data in fields in another table

Two Tables: Customers (billing address, shipping address); Orders (product detail, shipping address)

How do you use a macro to get the default shipping address from the customer table and populate the shipping address for the order with the default data.

LO Version 6.1
OS Version: Windows 7, OS X 10.14.5
MySQL: 8.0.16

My background is in sql administration and Visual Studio; new to the mysql world.

Thanks in advance…


Unfortunately your question is missing information. What OS, specific LO version used, Database used and a better process description.

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Also don’t know your background with writing macros. And it appears there is no real need. Simply use SQL to join the shipping address with the order.

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Thank you Ratslinger - I don’t need to display the default shipping address - some orders might be shipped to a different address. I am just wanting to populate the address, city, state, postal code fields in the order shipping details with the default data and then allow the user overwrite them if needed to ship to an address that is NOT the default shipping address.

Will attempt later today to provide a sample. If you have no LO macro experience this is going to be difficult at best since the macros need to be specific to your forms and tables. You will need to apply principles from the sample.

This is also harder since you are using MySQL and probably cannot provide a sample of both the Base file and the MySQL data structures. This is what is really needed.

Still believe SQL is the better answer. It would appear you need to output the Order at some point to a paper document. If Order ship to is empty then use default.


There are many ways to do this and much depends upon the form and tables. Have included a Firebird embedded sample which demonstrates a simple macro to copy a single field. Here is the macro in the file:

Option Explicit
Sub UpdateShippingAddress
    Dim oForm          As Object
    Dim oSubForm       As Object
    Dim oOrderShip     As Object
    Dim sShipAddress   As String
Rem Get Main Form
	oForm = ThisComponent.Drawpage.Forms.getByName("MainForm")
Rem Get text from Main Form shipping textbox
    sShipAddress = oForm.getByName ("txtship_addr").text
Rem Get the SubForm
    oSubForm = oForm.getByName("SubForm")
Rem Get the shop to text box
    oOrderShip = oSubForm.getByName("txtship_to")
Rem Apply the retrieved shipping address from the customer record
    oOrderShip.text = sShipAddress
Rem Set data to be updated
End Sub

The macro is executed by a push button on the form.

In addition have included a query which pulls the either the Order ship to or Customer ship to - first non Null (Coalesce). My point again is there is no need for a macro unless you have other non-disclosed information.

Sample ----- ShippingAddress.odb