How to convert a frame into (a) normal text (paragraph)?

First of, this is a duplicate of Rahmen/Boxen (Frames) in Absätze umwandeln/exportieren and I intend to cross-post the solution as soon as possible, in the case there is one.

So I downloaded the ODT-files for LO Basic’s reference cards here:

It appears that the main content is all set in frames in the documents. I rather would like them to be a bit more accessible and formattable by having them as normal text, i.e. typeset in normal paragraphs.

=> Is it possible to convert a frame in a normal text paragraph?

As you already were told in the German branch, there don’t seem to be frames, but TextTable_s.
Anyway: Neither Frames nor TextTable cells are restricteed to single paragraphs.
For TexTable there is the menu item >Table>Convert>Table to Text... I wouldn’t expect a satisfying result, however.

Question was answered - Link

@Lupp As far as I can tell, even the tables are put into the frame.

I had a look at the first document (about IDE).

IMHO this document would rather better be created with a DTP (desktop publishing) application like Scribus or Quark XPress®. Apparently, it is designed to fit pages and not to format a text flow. Consequently, frames are set to stop any flow.

Worse (and proof of my statement about DTP), all frames are anchored To page (which makes sense for such a leaflet). Also a few vertical spacing are done with empty paragraphs. Frame sizes are tweeaked individually so that one of them extends into the bottom margin.

Within the frames, text is mainly typed in table because it is tabular data by nature.

Restructuring the document(s?) would surely be useful to correct the “shortcomings” of the design. But I am not aware of any conversion tool/command frame content->text.

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Unfortunately, you share the same and only impression I have made so far… “But I am not aware of any conversion tool/command frame content->text.” :frowning: