How to disable auto-scroll when selecting large cells?

I frequently work with spreadsheets that have cells that contain large strings. The default behaviour when you click these cells is that the entire window will automatically to the left so the cell is maximally visible. However, in my use case the cells left of it are more important and should not be hidden.

I was wondering if there’s an option to disable this auto scroll feature? I have looked around in the settings already but could not find anything.

Maybe menu View - Freeze Rows and Columns.

Unfortunately this is not the solution.

You can change the row height to your liking. If a cell has the option “Wrap text automatically” and its text is not fully visible, then a red arrow is added to the right of the visible part of the text. You can double click on this arrow to see the full text.

The row height is adjusted automatically. The red arrow is indeed the behaviour I desire. Except, it doesn’t require me to double click it. When I click the widened cell, the sheet will automatically scroll 2 cells to the right to maximize my view of this wide cell.

Only if you didn’t change the row height (that is, the row has “optimal” height). If you change the row height (by dragging, for example), then when the cell text changes, the height will not change.

It all shouldn’t really matter. Whatever the state of the sheet is in, I was hoping to find an option to disable the auto-scroll. Because it is extremely frustrating when working with excel-formatted test reports.

A spreadsheet is not made for this purpose. Spreadsheets are arithmetic calculators in the first place.
Open (from another topic) and any of the 2 forms therein. Navigate in the table grid. Read text in scrollable text boxes.

I don’t think @ws_at can achieve what’s wanted based on an existing settingf / option. I also am thinking a featuire request to create a new option for the purpose won’t succeed soon.
In consequence, a solution based on user code may be the only way. A respective routine can be assigned to sheets as a OnSelectionChanged handler.
A very raw example is attached. It only moves the column into the view that is left adjacent to a newly selected single cell - and only in cases where that cell has a style with an appropriate name.
disask81527ShowLeftAdjacentColumn.ods (11.5 KB)

This "Too similar … " is a plague.

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