How to disable lock file?

LibreOffice create a .~lock.MyFile.ods# file when opening MyFile.ods
I’ve understand that this system is usefull to know who has already opened the file.
On Mac, On shared folder, this is not working as expected.
Some times (for many reasons), this file isn’t removed when file closed. And nobody can open the file.
(and because of bug specific on mac, , we can’t open at all, even in read-only mode)

For all theses reasons, i wan’t to disable this behaviour and go back to default OS file locking.

There (as far as I know) is no way to disable the lock-files only.
I think you can only disable filelocking completely.

export SAL_ENABLE_FILE_LOCKING=0 (note that at least on linux it is enabled in libreoffice-dir/program/soffice , so when you want to disable it you have to modify that file)

Could someone be so kind as to describe how this particular fix is implemented? Assuming “export SAL_ENABLE_FILE_LOCKING=0” goes into a config file, where is that file located on a Windows 7 installation?

Opening any file with LibreOffice causes the enclosing directory’s modification date to change. I want to disable it too. How plz?