How to display axis labels (for categorized data) in bubble chart?

I need to obtain a bubble chart of categorized data, similar to this one:

My data looks like:

forType_label	reg_label	forType_n	reg_n	area
broadleaves		AL		1		1	20
broadleaves		AU		1		2	15
broadleaves		PA		1		3	30
coniferous		AL		2		1	7
coniferous		AU		2		2	6
coniferous		PA		2		3	9

I managed to get the bubble chart and, setting manually the chart axis options, to shown only integer numbers, but how can I shown labels (forType labels and reg labels)?

This question should not be closed, at least not with the label “the question is answered, right answer was accepted”. As indicated in the comment to the answer, it doesn’t solve the problem. The true is that it is not possible to do what the question asks, and a bug as been filled in the libreoffice bug tracker.

While editing the chart. Menu/Insert/Data Labels.
or right-click on a bubble, insert Data Labels.
And mark show value as number

Thank you mariosv. This make the value appearing on the bubbles, but it doesn’t solve my main problem that is how to display labels on the axis? E.g. I don’t want “1” and “2”, I want display “Broad-leaves” and “Coniferous” on the horizontal axis and “AL”,“AU” and “PA” on the vertical axis.