How to eliminate gray background of icon area when in High Contrast

I use LibreOffice Writer in high contrast mode. Is there any way to eliminate the large swath of bright gray at the top of the screen, the backdrop to all the icons, without eliminating the icons themselves? My main goal is to have the entire screen with a black background and white writing, which is easiest on my eyes.

I’d also like the update the menu strip at the top from light on light to a black background with white writing.

I have tried changing the icon style under Tools/Options/LibreOffice/View with no success. I have also tried turning OpenGL on and off, as suggested in another post. No luck. I have fiddled with the Tools/Options/LibreOffice/Application Colors without the result I want.

I’d appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

  1. Tools/Options/LibreOffice/Personalization

  2. Select “Choose Own Theme”

  3. Search for black theme and choose one. For simple black and white, I found “as simple as black can be” to work well.

This question and answer led to my solution: