How to get back my context menu with Synonyms, Spelling suggestions etc

Earlier I had a context menu in LibreOffice writing with Synonyms, Spelling suggestions etc, but now I have a context menu with the options like paragraph, page formatting, Bullets and numbering, etc.
I want to get back my language assisting context menu.
Kindly help me.

Read these guidelines and ask a good question. In particular, what changed between your Earlier and your now?

Availability of spelling/synonym suggestion is subject to installed spellcheck dictionaries/thesauruses. Read this tutorial.

The context menu you are talking about appears in the context of misspelled words only. Otherwise the context is paragraph and you get another context menu. Just type a misspelled word, set the cursor within the misspelled word and right click.

Did you have an extension installed previously? Have a look in the extensions site ( linked from and see if you recognise the extension. Be aware that some extensions aren’t updated and might not work with current releases.
Cheers, Al

appears in the context of misspelled words only

That’s true for correction suggestions for misspelled words (when a dictionary is available). For synonyms, it’s opposite: the respective menu item appears for correctly spelled words (when a thesaurus is available).