How to get correct results from multiple operations with two variables with LibreOfficev.

I use LibreOffice v. under Linux. I met difficulties with multiple operations with two variables, and went back to the help function, redoing the example provided there, step by step. Instead of the results presented in the example, I obtained the following:
8 10 15 20
500 -6016 -5020 -2530 -40
1000 -2016 -20 4970 9960
1500 1984 4980 12470 19960
2000 5984 9980 19970 29960
2500 9984 14980 27470 39960
3000 13984 19980 34970 49960
3500 17984 24980 42470 59960
4000 21984 29980 49970 69960
4500 25984 34980 57470 79960
5000 29984 39980 64970 89960

I replicated the example a few times, with the same output. I cannot trace the originin of the divergence and become concerned with using the tool.
Can you please help?

Do you use the function directly or do you use the wizard? What task do you want to solve with “multiple operations”?

Works for me. Attached a file with help sample.

  • Select D1:F11
  • Menu/Data/Multiple Operations.

image description


Thanks a lot. You’re right – it works as it should.
I guess my problem was due to some fatigue leading me to a dichotomy between what i was thinking and what I was writing.
Now I can go back to my original problem and pursue the quest.

I have made an example for you to use MULTIPLE.OPERATIONS without the wizard. Start reading on the first sheet. ExampleMultipleOperations.ods.

If you still see problems, please provide a tiny example document.

Thanks for the example. I shall walk through and replicate it to get more insights. Meanwhile, the object of my question is overcome – I had just messed up the references for rows and columns.
I am trying to get 3 parameters for fitting a nonlinear curve through a Monte Carlo simulation or a bootstrap procedure.
I shall let you know about my walk through your example.