How to get question answered?

I try to make my questions succinct and clear. I don’t think the questions are so difficult as to have no answer. However, sometimes they are not answered. Should I:

delete the question and post it again?
respond to the question saying that I still need help? (does that put the post at the top of the list again?)


Yes, answering your own question will bring it up and increase its exposure for some time. But it will hardly solve your problem. The fact that your questions are not answered may be because:

  1. Your question is not good. Edit it to make better. Here is an example of a bad question. It is bad because it only states you have a problem, or several problems, or whatever. It does not give any clue. You should have, at least, shared a couple of problem files to see.

  2. In particular, it is an RTFM/STFW question.

  3. Your situation is very specific and nobody/very few people have experienced it so far.

  4. Nobody cares. Well, it is a harsh world.

By the way, you say I don’t think the questions are so difficult as to have no answer. OK, then why don’t you answer them?

Thank you for introducing me to RTSM/STFW. Now I can be in the know (sometimes).
Not sure why you ask why I wouldn’t answer a question myself. That sounds snarky and I hope you did not intend it that way:)

@catbill: Feel sure that @gabix only referred to your own remark “…or respond to the question saying that I still need help?”
On the other hand there were many cases here where a questioner did not get a satisfying answer, but solved the problem himself by what means ever, and posted the solution as an answer to his (f/m) own question.
This is regarded very good conduct in forums.

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You don’t need to post an “as-if-answer” to bump your question.

Better edit the question. This will also bring it back to the top of the running ticker askbot makes of a frequented site using it. You may add something like “Editing: Problem still alive and even more urgent.” You may also edit your question providing some additional information or making it even more clear than it was from the beginning.

(I did not visit your 17 questions now, and I cannot judge therefore if your statement about succinctness and clarity is unquestionable or if something @gabix hinted to might apply.)

Having posted a first answered to this meta-question I chose another one of yours posted yesterday:
Quoting @catbill: “Sometimes can’t select image in header”
Yes I had read this question yesterday, and I did not try an answer. ‘Writer’ is not my main concern and I did not expect a quick result. Why?

Is the “header” you are talking of a ‘Header’ in the technical sense defined for the page style, or may it be a frame or a paragraph formatted in a ‘Heading…’ style or something else you created for the purpose.
(Many users don’tworry much about terminology.)
Are some images selectable by clicking and others not? - or
Is the same image now selectable and next time not?
Did you set or edit any properties for the image?
Based on the information I found I didn’t know an answer.
To ask for additional information I lacked the time.
I saw you had enough “karma” to upload an example .odt showing the issue (for you).
I saw you were already member for about 10 months and would know that such an example is the best if not only way to get a useful answer (soon).

What’s just succinct and what’s too incomplete is not always that easy to say.

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Thank you. I appreciate your taking the time to give helpful feedback.