How to handle one document for print and as online formular?


on my documents for printing I’m using shape objects for displaying form areas, for e.g. a checkbox by a rounded rectangle.
The same document is used as an online formular. Therefore I implement a checkbox form element.
But it looks awful.

One problem is, that I have a lot of documents that I want to use this way.
Managing this by keeping two versions for each document would be overkill.

How do you handle cases like this?


Can that help?

Create a fillable form in Writer

Content Controls in Writer

The problem is, I would have to manage always 2 documents for one case.
Is there an option that I can customize the look&feel of Content Controls?
Then I can style a checkbox and if it gets exported as PDF and put online, it is still a interactive tickable checkbox. Printed it would look like one with my style.

I made a quick and easy example of one formular, where I would have to keep two files for both cases, if there is no solution to this.
registration_formular___just-for-printing.odt (11.1 KB)
registration_formular___online-fillable.odt (10.5 KB)

Form controls have a Graphics properties (right-click on control and Control Properties). Apparently you can associated a graphical file (drawing or image) to the control and it appears in background of it. It may be tricky to overlay only the checkbox but with the help of transparent background it might work.

I just played a bit with it and didn’t devise a complete solution. It’s worth a try.

registration_formular___just-for-printing.odt (12.2 KB)

I’ve added a checkbox on top of the text.

Checkbox settings:

  • anchored to paragraph so that the widget can cover the text
  • background color: white, so that it hides the text below
  • non-printable sot that if printed/exported as PDF, the widget disappears

Your approach heads to the right direction.
But the checkbox should be shown, if exported to PDF. So if a user opens the PDF in his Browser, he can interactively fill out the form, send it by mail or print it.
I guess showing the checkbox in another style isn’t possible inside the PDF.

It’s like having a hook or macro like thing that detects:
a) User calls print dialog → hide specific form elements like checkboxes before printing
b) User exports to PDF → make checkboxes visible