How to have one Textbox's content autofill other textboxes?

How to use LibreDraw to make a PDF that has one Fillable Form textbox that when filled, automatically fills in other textboxes on that same document?

I need a PDF form that has lots of legal info, but requires the signer’s printed name to show up in muliple places. I want to be able to type in the name once, and have it automatically fill in all the other locations where it is needed. I also want to be able to send this form to others in PDF format and have them be able to do the same thing.

Is it possible?

Writer is the tool for written documents.

Bookmark the area you want, say, the name to be filled in, then insert reference to reference where you want the field to be repeated.

Let’s say we want to repeat the name and the address but in different places. At the first instance where you want a name insert a placeholder (not entirely necessary but less confusing) by clicking Insert > Field > More Fields... or Ctrl+F2. Click on the Functions tab, in the left column (Type) select Placeholder, the next column (Format) should be Text, under Placeholder in the field Text write Name (the Reference field is just a tool tip), click Insert button and close the window.

In your document, select the placeholder and a space each side, click Insert Bookmark and give it a name “Name”.

Go to the next instance where name should be and click at the point. Press Ctrl+F2 again and this time select tab Cross-references, under “Type” select Bookmarks, under “Insert reference to” select Reference, under selection choose name, click Insert. Leaving the window open click in the document the next place where you want the name to be repeated and click Insert. Repeat for all names and repeated for address or any other fields. Save as Template. Click F9 to update fields. Export to pdf when filled in

Sample odtPlaceholdersAndReferences. Cheers,Al