How to include quotient remainder

How do I get the result returned from quotient function to include decimal amounts or remainders?

“with” and “included” are not good tags. Also, the question would benefit from more details instead of requiring people to guess what you want. The title is OK though. See guidelines for asking.

To “include” means you want both, the integer and fractional part? That’s a simple division =A1/A2

To obtain only the fractional (non-integer) part of a division use


Yes, a simple division issue. (My) Ignorance is not bliss. Thanks much for your answer.

In case the OQ wants to get the pair of numbers consisting of the integer quotient and the remainder at the same time for an integer dividend and an integer divisor:

Since a cell cannot contain two true numbers at a time, he needs to resort to a text representation. He can (but shouldn’t) misuse the so called complex numbers (being text actually in Calc) for the purpose, or use a text formula like
assumed A1 references the integer dividend and B1 the integer divisor.

Thanks much for your answer. In this case, only a simple division issue.