How to insert a footnote but keep the cursor where it was?


I work on texts with plenty of footnotes. I enter their anchors into the main body of text, but fill them with content later. I use a keyboard shortcut F3 as “Insert footnote”. Whenever I use it, the coursor travells to the footnote area, which seems logical, as the program assumes by default I would want to write the footnote right after inserting the anchor.
But in case of my workflow, I would like the coursor to remain where it was, next to the freshly inserted footnote anchor, as otherwise I have to use a mouse to go back to the main text to reassume writing.
Is it possible to set it up so the coursor will stay next to the footnote anchor?

You can post an enhancement request at

As a workaround, you can customize a shortcut for To Footnote Anchor.


I wasn’t aware of this function. Works fine. Thank you.

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