How to insert page numbering in a long and growing document

This was easy on Windows but I now use the latest update of LibreOffice. I have tried to follow the advice on your answer pages but am constantly thwarted - as is my computer consultant! I click in Header and Choose Insert, expecting to find Fields but there is no Fields option. So I’m immediately stuck. All I want is mirrored numbering starting (after the title and Contents stuff) with 1 in the top right, and allowing chapters to be added with continuous numbering.

I am 85 and easily get lost in the endlessly ramifying info buried in the ‘help’ pages. Please give me foolproof step-by-step instructions, probably starting from positioning my cursor in the header. Thank you.

  1. Read this tutorial and this tutorial.
  2. If you can’t find an answer, read these guidelines and ask a good question.

When you work with complex software like LibreOffice, something like foolproof step-by-step instructions is very seldom possible.

I click in Header and Choose Insert, expecting to find Fields but there is no Fields option. So I’m immediately stuck.

Please check if the Field is possibly “hidden” at the bottom of your menu - which could happen on a small screen size. The element is in the lower part of the long menu, so try to move the mouse to the bottom of the menu and see if it scrolls to show you the hidden items.

Another good source of information is the Writer Guide.

I am not sure exactly what you are asking. If you click on the header itself, the cursor will appear on the left side of the header. Then go to the top menu screen and click on Insert, then go down to Field and a menu will appear on the side with multiple things to add to the header.

Several ways to get the page number

Page number is in the Insert - Fields submenu , and also exists as an item in the first level of the Insert menu. Menu items can be selected by pressing the selection key after activating the menu (underlined letter in the menu item name). If your Insert menu is truncated you can still select items by keypress, but then you are “in the dark”.

Another option is to click the “header tab” which shows up when you click the header. That gives you “header context” options. One of them is Insert page number.

You need to look into page styles

To have mirrored pagination and initial pages with no pagination, you need to look into page styles. The first “This tutorial” link that Gabix provided is about page styles.

The gist of what you need to do:

  • You need two page styles, one for front matter and one for the bulk of your content. You can modify existing styles or create new ones.
  • The front matter style should be like “First page” (you can use that page style if you want), but without the automated style change for “Next page”.
  • For the “bulk content” style you can keep what you have (Most likely the “Default” style, but change the style settings so header does not show same content on left and right pages (untick option).
  • Change page style at the start of your content: Insert a manual page break with the correct (Default?) page style.
  • Insert page number as indicated above. You will need to do it twice, for left and right pages.

Depending on your actual document, other operations may be required. Explanations are in the tutorials linked by Gabix. If you need more help, please post a comment. We will need more detail. At best, a sample document, but if you cannot share that, at least we need to see what you see.