How to install JDE for libre6 (64bit) on windows10 64bit PC?

I am quite confused by search results on this subject. Libre Base needs it, and error says just to load a JDE environment. The question is How,where would I get it; and any settings needed in Libre or JDE??


This question has been answered many times in this forum basically the same way each time. Please see answer in this just updated question - Click Here.

Thanks @Ratslinger. also needed to ADD an JRE environment in the Libreoffice > tools > options > advanced. path used was c:\program files\java\jre-9.0.4. I need to improve my search skills in ask.libreoffice. First day with Libre and new PC. I’ll get there. Thanks again., all is well.

@RandallH In most cases the install of Java will automatically display/point to it in Advanced section.

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