How to keep toolbars from pop-ing up and disappearing in impress

I want to fix the text formating toolbar so it ALWAYS shows, no matter whether I am inside a textbox/table or not. The constant resizing is driving me nuts.

From the Help file:

That’s not what I need. Whenever I click outside of a textbox the toolbar disappears and everything resizes. That is annoying. I want the toolbar to stay where it is even if there is no text to edit.

I can completely remove it, by going to view->toolbars, but there are tools in there that the sidebar doesn’t have (such as insert symbols). I don’t want libre office to anticipate my needs. Grey out everything, if it must, but stop making things appear and disappear, please.

By docking the toolbar ( Reattach a Floating Toolbar) it will always be visible whether you are in the table or not.

My apologies. The toolbar remains visible until you re-enter and again leave the table. Checked with v5.1 & 5.2 and both are same. No found bug reports or enhancement requests for this.

As an alternative, create a customized toolbar with the wanted items (ToolsCustomize). Just tried this and will remain even when jumping in/out of table.

The custom toolbar suggestion hasn’t just solved this problem for me, but also opened up new and amazing possibilities. Thank you :slight_smile:

This has not solved my problem. In Writer, if I’m working on ordinary text, with a toolbar, then when I click a textbox, the textbox toolbar is there (created as Ratslinger suggested). But - and this is my problem - when I double-click to edit the text of a textbox, the toolbar disappears. If I try to customize a toolbar, with text in a textbox highlighted (ie, working with text in a toolbar, rather than just with a toolbar), the toolbar disappears again. Like flumculus, I’m finding this really annoying, and have done for years.

In my case (LibreOffice Draw) this solution, dated from the era, still worked in april 2020.

Upon appearing of the unwanted toolbar, do View > Toolbars and un-check the toolbar. The unwanted toolbar goes away and won’t pop up again.

I am thankful that you posted this solution, as this solution was helpful for me.