How to keep toolbars from pop-ing up and disappearing in impress

I want to fix the text formating toolbar so it ALWAYS shows, no matter whether I am inside a textbox/table or not. The constant resizing is driving me nuts.

It’s still the case - ‘Text formatting’ toolbar disappears once you click outside of text box.
Despite the fact it was ticked in View/Toolbars before - this tick disappears as well.
It’s a bug - Impress shouldn’t change my settings at it’s will.

From the Help file:

That’s not what I need. Whenever I click outside of a textbox the toolbar disappears and everything resizes. That is annoying. I want the toolbar to stay where it is even if there is no text to edit.

I can completely remove it, by going to view->toolbars, but there are tools in there that the sidebar doesn’t have (such as insert symbols). I don’t want libre office to anticipate my needs. Grey out everything, if it must, but stop making things appear and disappear, please.

By docking the toolbar ( Reattach a Floating Toolbar) it will always be visible whether you are in the table or not.

My apologies. The toolbar remains visible until you re-enter and again leave the table. Checked with v5.1 & 5.2 and both are same. No found bug reports or enhancement requests for this.

As an alternative, create a customized toolbar with the wanted items (ToolsCustomize). Just tried this and will remain even when jumping in/out of table.

The custom toolbar suggestion hasn’t just solved this problem for me, but also opened up new and amazing possibilities. Thank you :slight_smile:

This has not solved my problem. In Writer, if I’m working on ordinary text, with a toolbar, then when I click a textbox, the textbox toolbar is there (created as Ratslinger suggested). But - and this is my problem - when I double-click to edit the text of a textbox, the toolbar disappears. If I try to customize a toolbar, with text in a textbox highlighted (ie, working with text in a toolbar, rather than just with a toolbar), the toolbar disappears again. Like flumculus, I’m finding this really annoying, and have done for years.

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In my case (LibreOffice Draw) this solution, dated from the era, still worked in april 2020.

Upon appearing of the unwanted toolbar, do View > Toolbars and un-check the toolbar. The unwanted toolbar goes away and won’t pop up again.

I am thankful that you posted this solution, as this solution was helpful for me.