How to link spreadsheets

I have seperate speadsheets for my customers invoices that then automatically update another spreadsheet which is a summary list for the month, but I cant get them linked (I used Mocrosoft Excel before and it was easy)

See How to reference sheets and cells from another files.

OK I have a spreadsheet that is a summary of all the month’s invoices and all my customers have separate spreadsheets for the month in their own name, so I usually have 30 spreadsheets as invoices and 1 monthly summary. Normally I have the summary spreadsheet open and then when I open a customers invoice to add to it it automatically amends the total against that customer on the summary sheet. In the past when I set them up I just click “=” on the summary cell and then click the total on the customers invoice. If I do that after amending the invoice it doesnt change the value on the summary spreadsheet, it stays at the original value I linked.

Do you tried saving the file after amending?

Take a look at LibreOffice Help on Edit Links.

yes but I cant find anything that refers to this automatic updating a seperate spreadhseet


The processes explained hereabove are working well with files under Open Document Format. I have had problem of no-refreshing trying to retrieve data in an ods sheet from an xlsx file.

Remember that LO works fine with ODF document and more impredictable way with foreign formats.

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sorry dont understand

Hello @DLOWE

As you processed previously with MS Excel, I suppose that you may have kept the xlsx format for your spreadsheets instead of using the ods format. In this condition, the links between xlsx files might not be processed correctly by LO. Have a look at the details provide in this case.

Any progress on your side ?

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Hi. Have just started a new summary sheet for November and raised all the November contract invoices. Have saved them all as .ods files. Tried to test by amending one of the invoices and the summary sheet spreadsheet didnt update so still stuck


Did you save the updated sheet after the update and before trying to read the update in the summary sheet ?

yes and the link is there in the cell on the summary spreadsheet. I always open the summary spreadsheet first, then open the customer invoice spreadsheet, do the amendment, save that and then check the summary spreadsheet but it isn’t updated
Ah have just done as above. Closed both spreadhseets then reopened the summary and its updated! Strange

For me, it looks normal.

I recall my previous comment : saving the spreadsheet is not mandatory.

You need to refresh the calculus on the summary sheet by pressing F9.

In Calc Options, is selected the re-calculus at the opening of the spreadsheets : this explains why the update was visible after closing and reopening of the summary sheet.

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