How to make a personas that supports the sidebar

The mozilla personas support headers and footers. is it possible to make them support the sidebar too? if yes how?

What’s so important about getting this ‘persona’ thing that you cannot even spare the time looking for a recent topic in the same forum ?

Please add further answers and comments there. I will close this thread as a duplicate.

The recent post you cited says that mozilla’s pesonas target header and footer. So it doesn’t seem to be something to do for libreoffice to adopt available personas.
My question here is how to rewrite a personas for libreoffice that targets header, footer, sidebar…
Both topics are different. the first was how to use mozilla personas as they are in sidebar and the answer was impossible. The second is how to make a specific personas.

I am an advocate of libreoffice that tries to help people to adopte the office suite. My arguments convinces every body but most of them are discouraged once they see the look. The look is very important specially where I live. “What’s so important about getting this ‘persona’ thing” the thing help users

  • feel good with their suite then more productive.
  • feel not retrograde but rather pride beside their pair.
    I just want to help people and I be…

more productive and happier, less cracking proprietary suites and more. I am a contributor to libreoffice I know what I want.

I have not seen any method which allows the persona to extend to the sidebar (footers being a recent addition). It is however, something I would like to see.