how to recover my account on

I created account on and used ti on so far. However, recently I cannot log into because is shut down. I manage to login again by entering my email on site and then following the link I received in e-mail. However, how can I change my login username so it is not linked to

Thanks in advance

Hi @Ljiljan. The same question has recently been asked here. It will likely require the site admin (@manj_k) to provide clear instructions on what to do i.e., how to associate a new OpenId with an existing AskLO account. I have posted a query on the Website mailing list (here) as someone there may also know. We do need a set of clear instructions for this scenario.

thanks :slight_smile: currently AskLO remembers that I am log in, so I can use ti :slight_smile:

@Ljiljan. - you raised a very important question. I recover my account - like you - always via the email address and look for an alternative to OpenID, which should NOT be via Facebook, Twitter or whatsoever SNS. ----- @oweng - if there is a solution it should be published in a way that we all will see it easily.

I agree, Libre will not open and I don’t know how to recover it