How to remove or edit caption category

If I enter a custom caption category in UPPERCASE (FIGURE for example) there is no way to change it later to lowercase (Figure) in the same document.
Is there some workaround for this problem?

More clear question is this:

here is the scenario/problem:

  • insert an image/something
  • right click, caption, choose something, for ex, Illustration
  • on another place in document, click menu->insert->cross-reference, choose that illustration with category name
  • assume that you did this many times for many images/shapes
  • One day, you decided to change all “Illustrations” to “Figures”

here is the problem:
you can change “Illustration” texts in image/frames to “figures”, however, cross references remain still as “Illustration”

Temporary solution that I found:
save file with .fodt extension. This saves the file in plaintext xml (LibreOffice and Version control - The Document Foundation Wiki)
Then, open that file using a regular text editor,
change all “old category names” to your desire, save file
(This may not be easy if you have same string in your normal document text)

Re-open that file in libreoffice, save as you wish…
This method is much simpler than unzip-zip method, as described in [Solved] Change Caption Category (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum

however, a direct category edit is needed for future easy use of LibreOffice.

Anyway, thanks for all works of LibreOffice Writers/coders/workers, I am more productive with LibreOffice than Mic.Office.


thank you! this work on LO hope this feature will be added soon.

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Thanks for the hint. The problem is still present in LibreOffice




Could you better explain your concern? What you intend to do? How you did it?

I experimented with LO Writer. I inserted a frame (a typical placeholder for a side image or paragraph) and added a caption in UPPERCASE. I then added “normal” paragraphs to fill some space. After that, I clicked inside the frame putting the cursor on the caption. I could change it to lowercase in the same way as you do on ordinary text. I could even change the automatic prefix (such as Figure or Text) to whatever I liked.

What I can’t do is double- or right-click to open anew the caption dialog. Is this what you’re asking for?

@ajlittoz, I think the question relates to the use of a custom variant of the Caption (or Figure) paragraph style and how changing the definition does not appear to update all captions instantly. It may be that the Table of Figures needs to be re-generated to pick up the change.