How to rotate in text documents

Have a chart downloaded as an read only attachment to an email. When I try to copy and paste it in a word document so I can edit it, it is rotated 90 degrees. How can I rotate it and edit it?

Know how to edit, just need to know how to rotate text sideways.


The advice @JohnD provided doesn’t work for me in 4.0.2.

I need to select text (cell, or row), and then go to Format > Character > Position, and choose from 0, 90, or 270 degrees to rotate text.

What I want is 180 degree rotation! Sigh…

It’s ugly but I found a solution.

If you place your text in a table you can go 90 degrees one direction and 270 degrees the other which ends up as 180 degrees (mirrored text).

I was able to use this technique on mail merged text fields to print my labels upside down on the back page.

{Format}{Character}{Position}{Rotation} → choose 270 degrees
{Table}{Table Properties}{Text Flow}{Text Direction} → choose {Right-to-left (vertical)}

This question contains a couple of unrelated non-answer answers (one of which has been selected as correct!), a link to a corresponding duplicate thread that no longer exists, an answer regarding the read-only aspect of mail attachments, an answer regarding orientation of text in table cells, and a further query about the lack of a 180 degree choice within character style text rotation options. To make matters worse the original question does not even provide an example, but presumably the reference to “chart” simply meant a graphic object. Here goes cleaning this mess up…

Text (character style) rotation: There is an assigned bug (FDO#48804) relating to adding an option for rotating text (via Format > Character) 180 degrees. There is no current ETA of when it will be done, but this is being worked on.

Text (box) rotation: A temporary workaround (until the enhancement above gets done) is to insert a text box, enter your text, right click (on the frame) > Position and Size… > Rotation tab and set the Angle to 180 degrees.

Text (table property) orientation: As @JohnD mentions this can be done via Table > Table properties… however these text options are only Horizontal, Vertical (equivalent to 270 degree character style rotation for left-to-right text), and Use superordinate object setting i.e., use the table orientation.

Graphic object rotation: There is currently no facility to allow basic rotation of a graphic object within Writer. This is an old enhancement request (FDO#34423 and AOO#3545) that is not seen as a priority due to existing function with Draw. If you desire a 180 degree rotation however, it is possible to achieve this by right click (on the graphic) > Picture… > Picture tab and check both Vertically and Horizontally.

It is always helpful to be as clear as possible about the exact type of rotation / orientation concerned and the type of object to which the action is being applied. Hopefully this is somewhat clearer now.

The mail attachements by default are always open in LibO as read only, once the document open, you can change to an edit mode by clicking the edit button, just right/over the Export to pdf button.

You can rotate the text within the table, or a single cell, by selecting the affected cell, row, column or table and then going to Table/Table Properties/Text Flow - then select the desired Text Orientation.

This will rotate the text but not the table itself - which sounds like what you really want to do. I don’t see a way to rotate the table itself.

If anyone knows how to (or if it is even possible) to rotate the table itself I would like to know as well.

In 2011 I was able to add a table inside a text box and rotate the table, such that the table headings were at the left side. With LO, the rotation produces a table with the headings at the right side, which seems strange to me. I believe that rotated tables should have the header towards the left side. That way, the author can link several text boxes (one for every page) and the table con overflow from one box to the other. That’s what I obtained in 2011.

I need to rotate the orientation of the entire table on the page. Rotating just the text won’t help.

There should be a button for this. Seems like something that would be usefull. I’ve tried to figure it out several times and have never come up with an answer.

Thanks anyway…


Hi @davant,

Sounds like you might want to file an enhancement bug and provide as much information about this new feature as possible. Don’t forget to mark your bug as an ‘enhancement’.

This answer is not an answer…

Please read the question.

I know how to edit… I’m trying to find out how to rotate the document so it’s sideways on the page. when I open it to edit it, it’s the wrong way on the page

Are you trying to rotate the page it self, or the chart on the page? I’m sorry, I’m just not following