How to set outline number position?

On Ubuntu Studio 13.10 with LibreOffice

I’m trying to achieve an outline numbering to look like this:

   Text Body
   1.1  HEADING 2
        Text Body indent

My problem is that the document doesn’t reflect changes made in Tools > Outline Numbering > Position.

I’d expect to have text aligned vertically with HEADING 1 followed by TAB STOP at 1 cm, then HEADING 2 aligned at 1 cm - but no.

The help text says that “The Numbering alignment option does not set the alignment of the paragraph.”, which makes me think I have to change stuff by modifying styles - but then what is the position tab of outline numbering for?

Edit: Relevant document.odt Adding document as per request. As commented, I achieved the wanted layout by modifying styles instead of using outline numbering tool.

Edit 2: Clarified question, removed unnecessary words

You can change your comment to an answer, thanks! After clicking “standard” in paragraph style, position tab in outline numbering works as expected.

The form “1.” instead of “1” indicates, that you do not have assigned an outline numbering but a list numbering. Please make sure, that you have indeed an outline numbering. If you right click “1. HEADING” in your text, then click item “paragraph”, then click on tab Outline&Numbering, you should see “Level 1” in the Outline section.

Using the defaults, your heading “1. HEADING” should have a paragraph style “Heading 1” and Tools > Outline Numbering has set “Heading 1” for Level 1.

Edit: Removed not relevant comment about TOC.

Edit2: For me your document shows the indent of the level 2 headings as you have described it in your question. And when I change it to e.g. tab stop 4cm, aligned at 2cm, indent 4cm, then the document follows the new settings. I use LO4.2.2 on Windows 7. What is your version?

The values are absolute measurements from the left text area edge. Do you consider that?

Does the paragraph style has set an indent? (look at Organizer tab) , then it wins. Remove it with button “Standard” on “Indent” tab.

It is indeed outline numbering, just ignore the ‘.’ Also, requirements from your second paragraph are met. Your third paragraph I don’t understand, sorry.

What works for me is ignoring the Tools > Outline & Numbering > Position tab and edit paragraph styles instead: HEADING 2 > Indents & Spacing > Indent before text: 1 cm.

@alf-c - TOC is table of contents. Insert one and edit it’s settings to see what she’s talking about.

@Regina - You can set suffix in the outline & numbering dialog, that’s how you get the dot to “1.”. Still not sure if @alf-c actually uses outline numbering. @alf-c , could you attach your document so we could take a look?

Because it is very unusual, that a heading of level 2 is indented, I was not sure, whether you really speak about text. But now it is clear and you can ignore the third paragraph.