How to setup network printer

I have a network printer to setup in LibreOffice… how do I add it in my printer options.

You set it up in the operating system. Procedure depends on platform.

In *nix type systems (unix, BSD, linux, Solaris) it may be CUPS or LP. In Windows and MacOS you set it up in the printers/devices section of settings/preferences.

You need to know the network address (most likely using an IP address, four numbers separated by period characters). If it doesn’t show in a display on the printer, you can usually find that on a status page.

My “fallback” for extracting status pages (works on all HP and many other makes of printer) is to press the “on-line” button (most prominent button on the printer except maybe the on/off switch), and hold it for about 5 seconds (until indicator lights start flashing). This may also reset some printers to factory defaults, but if you are just setting it up, that should not be a problem.

When the printer connection is properly set up on your system, it will appear as an available printer in LibreOffice.