how to skip page count for every other page

i need the page count to skip every other page.

the first and second pages are page ‘1’

the third and fourth pages are page ‘2’

the fifth and sixth pages are page ‘3’

and so on.
how do i do this?

a related question that may answer the first:

in format: page: layout settings: page numbers

there is a dropdown box of options of styles for the page numbers. is there any way to create my own?

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I’m afraid this is not possible directly, but there may be a workaround. However, one element is missing in my suggestion.

Provided there is a built-in variable to capture the present page number (I only found variable PAGE containing total page count), you can insert a custom field associated with a formula.

  1. In the footer area (meaning you enabled it in the page style or Format>Page), Insert>Fields>Other
  2. Go to Variables tab and select Insert Formula
  3. In the Formula text box, type (pagenr + 1) DIV 2 which compute the sheet number (in duplex printing)
  4. Click Insert, then Close

BIS CAVEAT: in the formula above, I wrote pagenr for the running page number but I did not find the real variable name in the built-in help, if it ever exists. I need help from a developer to clear the point. Variable PAGE is the total page count which does meet the requirement.

There’s no such variable afaik

That’s a pity, sigh

thanks for trying

There is a list of formula variables at Formula - LibreOffice Help.

i tried creating my own formula variable. set variable:> name: pagenr, value :0; and then in the header. insert formula:> pagenr = pagenr + 1. it works elsewhere, but not in the header.

For the record: @jimk’s link provides the same information as built-in help.

@jackg1: I experimented. I think it fails because header/footer are computed once per page style and inserted “as is” in every new page. If they contain “auto-update” fields like page#, OK. A formula like ours doesn’t result in an auto-update field, but gives a static value computed during 1st page composition.

I even tried to alternate page styles but result remains static.

I tried it as well and came to the same conclusion. There doesn’t seem to be any way to do this in the header/footer. The best I could come up with is page numbers 1,1,3,3,5,5 and so on.

thanks everyone for your work. so not even an option to create my own style for the page numbering? that could be useful for other projects as well.

This setting is similar to the numbering “category” in chapter or list numbering: you choose traditional, roman or arabic numbers or alphabetic ids in various languages. There is no way (and probably no point) to add to them. If your need is to display a “complex” page number group with volume, chapter or section number, use Insert>Fields for the extra information. For an example, see this question

I’d try to use single-page two-column layout. As Writer doesn’t allow splitting large pages over several smaller paper sheets, you might export to PDF, and use PDF reader’s abilities (e.g., Acrobat Reader’s Poster mode) to split.

@mikekaganski. ouch. it would work though. post it as an answer, and unless someone gives me a real one, ill check it.
@ajlittoz the point would be: to solve my problem i could create a number system 1,1,2,2,3,3 etc.

@jackg1: thanks, but my suggestion is not an answer, just an ugly kludge. I’m not here hunting for points, so I don’t want to post this hack as an answer. Just hope you’d be able to get your work done at least.

@jackg1: describe with full detail the numbering, e.g. what the numbers represent at each level and I’ll give you clues

@ajlittoz its not about “levels”, and its not “complex.” its actually very simple. think of a book. the top corner of the first page says “1” (like any other). top corner of the second page also says “1” (unlike others). top corner of third page says “2”. top corner of fourth page also says “2”. top corner of fifth page says “3”. top corner of sixth page also says “3”. As i described originally. I really don’t know how else to explain it

@jackg1: apologies, I thought the numbering question was not correlated to OP. Then there is no other solution than @mikekaganski’s suggestion: work on A3-lanscape in 2-column with suitable gutter and find a way to print as 2 A4-portrait sheets.