How to sort rows color

Have applied color to rows of information according to seller

I wish to sort tem into groups seller.

Create a dedicated column for the information you want to use for sorting/grouping/whatever, and a representation of the information with real data (limited set of strings or numbers).
The human eye may get helpful signals if you use a few colors. As soon as you have real data, you can easily do the coloring with the help of the ConditionFormat feature.
Sorting/grouping directly by colors is not supported. If you want advice how to convert colors to real data, ask for it explicitly. And be aware of the fact that Calc uses 16777216 different colors, and one chosen, there will be probably thousands the eye can’t distinguish from it.

You may use a user defined function as shown for Background-colour here at ask.libreoffice

Then you can sort by this column.
Typical problem is similiar colours with identical meaning and maybe unexpected sorting, because the Number is representing a rgb value.
(I reworked a 10 year collection of xls-files for database-transfer with this approach, but i would not recommend it as permanent tool. However Excel can sort by colour, I’m told)