How to stop Impress from changing font sizes on slides?

I already searched here and read the two entries similar to this, but neither answered my concern. (I’m using LibreOffice 6.4 on a Windows 10 desktop computer.)

I have 62 slides on Impress all with text only and a font size of 112 pt. Impress changes many of the slides to various font sizes. Eg. 101, 98, 130. How can I keep all the font sizes on all the slides at 112pt? Thanks.

Since you have limited space on a slide, the font size in the existing fields will be reduced if more text is inserted than is available for a 112 pt font.

I once deleted the existing fields on the slide and inserted text fields from the toolbar. Here the font size 112 pt is kept, but the text may protrude over the existing page.

Impress - How to stop Impress.odp