How to sum only cells with negative values in a column?

Hi everyone!

How do i select and sum only the cells with negative values in a column?

My first question and I am totally new to spreadsheet (of what ever brand but I choosed Libre).

My question.

How do i select and sum only the cells with negative values in a column?

Screenshot from 2020-09-01 11-53-27.png

In the picture above, I want the total sum of cells with negative values in column “C” (that is C18 and C28 “-8800 and -9800 which is -18600”) to be inserted in cell “I12”.

How do I achieve this?

Thanks in anticipation.

Meanwhile I got the spreadsheet (about 8 sheets so far) done this far by getting answers here; please don’t fail me on this one as I could not find answer to this particular challenge.

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Always better to upload a real ODF type sample file instead of a static picture. A real document file

  1. smaller than a picture file (usually).
  2. it gives us more informations about your problem.

Read these guidelines and ask a good question. In particular, make the title short.

Thanks for your response.

Please how do I do that?

Click the Edit link at the end of the title?


i think you are looking for the SUMIF function

image description

Take a look here

Hope that helps.

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Thanks a million. It worked.

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use: SUMIF(C6:C28;"<0";C6:C28)

Hope that helps.

You nailed it… I would have shown you a screenshot but I can’t find a way to add picture to comment. Thanks a million.

Why can’t I up vote you answer?