How to suppress unwanted final blank page in Writer

When creating a very full final page of content, an unwanted blank page often appears after it. I’m using LO 6.0 Writer under Windows 10 64-bit Professional.
In the document I’ve tried deleting forward from the final desired content, also backwards from the unwanted blank page; neither works.
How can I suppress this additional, unwanted, blank page?
Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Make your question better. In particular, show the file.

Have you any blanks lines? VIEW > FORMATTING MARKS or CTRL + F10 to check.

A document always has a blank line after table. If this does not fit to the last page, then you get a new page. Set the font size to 2pt for this paragraph might solve your problem. Another reason might be an empty frame or other objects being there. Look into the navigator to examine all objects.

Thank you so much, the white page is gone!