How to use function to calculate row or column number?

I have a spread sheet with a lot of data. I would like to “shrink data” so that I would re-count data to average of 5 columns. Then amount of data would shrink to the one fifth.

I tried kind of next method:

Data to average would be in row2 and row1 is running count 1,2,3,4…


Fill this down until R1Cx*5 is number of the last data column.

This syntax does not work but is there simple method do this kind of calculation?

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You can’t modify the address with operations, use INDIRECT() function just for that, it allows use a text like an address. =AVERAGE(INDIRECT("R2C["&(R1C1*5-4)&"]:R2C["&(R1C1*5)&"]"))

Please review INDIRECT() help

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Or maybe you can use this solution

This indirect() was easy way to make this work. I simply make a C-row that got the cells b5, b10, b15… then the funktion is simply:

Thank you very much on help!