How/where can I set custom margins for a whole document?

Just looking to set custom margins for an entire document. IE, not just for a 1st page, or whatever.

I don’t see where to set margins for the document in LibreOffice Writer. Where is that option? Thanks! :slight_smile:

You have to understand page styles.

  1. Read this tutorial and this tutorial.
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Format / Columns
I have had trouble with this if I do not have at least one outside of this option before and after. Personal preference

You can set a default PAGE STYLE. Using my Linux/Mint system I right click on the document, select PAGE and then adjust the page settings for this particular document. The ORGANISER setting allows you to select other PAGE STYLES if you wish more than one. Say, for example, HEADING PAGE or LEFT and RIGHT HAND PAGES.

Thanks for this great answer. Works in Win10 also.