Hyperlinks Are Not Creating and Working Properly


I am currently working on Fedora and Libre Office to make a presentation or report about my selling and not-selling tilers <edit: likely spam-link removed> for which I want to add my subdomain and other referrals website hyperlinks in one single sheet.

In the first few days, I tried every step or strategy to create hyperlinks but did not any success but when I get success on creating certain hyperlinks then there is another problem that occurred.

Now all these hyperlinks were not opened properly and it is very urgent and essential in my projects to create hyperlinks.

Please reply as soon as possible so I will able to do my work properly.

Thanks for reading my query and for all your efforts.

If you expect a quick and relevant answer, ask a detailed and relevant question. Read these guidelines. Then edit your question to amend it (this won’t be a solution to the problem, so, don’t use an answer).

Provide at least LO version and OS. Tell us which component you are working with: Writer, Calc, Impress ? You tagged your question common (x), meaning you experience the issue in all components. Edit also your tags; this will help contributors to consider or not your question.

Describe your intent: is this to create an internal reporting tool (Calc)? An advertisement brochure for customers (Writer), whether to be printed or transformed to pdf with active links? Are you creating web pages (Writer)? Are you preparing presentations (Impress)?

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