I am trying to run L.O.Base on Mac OS10.12.2;

I cannot satisfy L.O. Base as to Java version. Current No-go is OSX 2014.001. Does anyone out there have the version of Java which allows them to run L.O. on their Mac? Would you share? Many thanks, JG

You must install JDK from Oracle.

Thank you. Yes, L. O. Base makes that clear each time I try to open the program; but Java OSX 2014.001, obtained from Oracle Does Not Satisfy Libre Office Base, which refuses to open because no Java Runtime Environment can be detected. Apple suggests that I need a special “antique” version, but I have not been able to find it.

Does anyone out there run L.O. Base on a Mac 10.12.2 ??? How did you do it? Thank you!

I believe Base states JRE is not installed. Mac needs JDK to be installed. You can obtain on this page - click here. V8u112 should work. Also see this post (click here) for the why of JDK vs JRE.

Thank you for the detail! Alas, I downloaded and installed JDK 8u 112, restarted, and still no luck opening Base: “No Java installation detected” Did I specify that I (foolishly) fell for the most recent “sierra(?)” update to Mac osx:10.12.2 ? I sincerely appreciate your advice, but it does not work. JG

Hold the Press! I just followed some links…went to Preferences/Advanced, checked a box adjacent to the 8u112 java and hey, presto! I have not pursued this to any degree; but I AM able to open Base. I will experiment tomorrow and report back. THANK YOU! Mr. Rat JG

Glad to see it working for you. Usually the setting is taken care of automatically upon install, but obviously not always.