I am writing articles for a newsletter with multiple images

I am writing articles for a newsletter with multiple images. The images tend to alternate left margin to right margin and might overlap vertically. I have trouble getting the text to line up and wrap correctly when working with these multiple images.The 42nd Longs Peak Scottish-Irish Highland Festival.docx

I see your images are each anchored to a character. Try anchoring them to the page which will let you drag and drop them roughly in place. Then fine tune their position, text wrap, padding etc using the image properties dialogue. To anchor to the page, right click on an image and select Properties>Type>Anchor>To page. Do the same for other images.

Depending on the layout result you are aiming for, you might also try anchoring to something else, such as a paragraph.

The file you posted will probably need a good deal more formatting to make it suitable for a newsletter, but that will depend on the result you want to achieve. You can get a lot of advice on this from the Writer user manual which you can download, free of charge as a PDF, from the LO documentation page English documentation | LibreOffice Documentation - Your documentation for LibreOffice

I’d advise against anchoring to page. Pages in Writer are dynamic content; the primary thing is content. Some changes might make images to be anchored to pages with no content left, with many empty pages in between, and unexpected program behavior. So IMO, anchoring to paragraph (character) is the proper way (but position could be relative to page, of course).

I don’t believe that there’s such a thing as an image unrelated to contents, so anchoring to contents always makes sense.

Well, I anchored the images to the page. I have them in the right place, but the text is still not wrapping around them the way I want.