I can open a Writer doc and enter text but not perform any other function

Cannot print or save Writer docs. None of the drop down menus or the icons function. After clicking to close, the save box comes up but is blank, just an outline. However, when the computer is rebooted the document will function normally after recovery has taken place but only for that one doc. I have version 6.1.3 and am running Windows 7. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that hasn’t worked. I shall try modifying my user profile as this sometimes is the root of problems. First I have to find out how to back up my present profile. Thanks for the tips on writing questions. I hope my edits are an improvement. Please advise.

Read these guidelines and ask a good question.

Rename your user profile:




(or whatever name you like)

and launch LibreOffice. Does the problem persist?

I told a friend who has more IT skills than me of my problem after I had posted here and he emailed me a link to the wiki Libre Office User Profile and I successfully followed the instructions:Start LO i and select Help; Restart in Safe Mode; in the Enter Safe Mode dialog select Restart; LO will start and display the Safe Mode dialog; select Continue in Safe Mode; test and see if the problem has gone.

The problem was solved. Moreover, the icons that had disappeared from the top of the page some months ago have repopulated; a bonus.

Thank you gabix for your comments and your email.